Terms & Conditions

To assist Jayakarta Club members understand the Jayakarta Club program’s services, benefits and rewards, the following Terms and Conditions have been prepared as reference. Unless specifically stated otherwise, these Terms and Conditions will apply to all Jayakarta Club members regardless of type or level of membership.
These provisions will govern participation in the program and it is the member's responsibility to read and understand all of them. Jayakarta Club may change the program rules, conditions, benefits, or awards pertaining to the program at any time without notice.
These Terms and Conditions may only be modified in writing by an officer of Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts (JHR). Other than as set forth in the previous sentence, no employee, agent or other representative of Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts or Jayakarta Club has the right or authority to modify any of these Terms and Conditions. All interpretations of these Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of Jayakarta Club.


  1. Jayakarta Club (“J Club”) is a membership loyalty program for all participating Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts.
  2. All guests (domestic & international) are eligible to sign up for a J Club membership upon meeting the sign-up requirements.
  3. A club card can only be used by the name on the card for purposes related to J Club membership. Member is fully responsible for the use of J Club Card and its use is subject to the conditions specified by Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts (JHR).
  4. JHR reserves the right to reject incomplete forms that does not meet the requirements without notice.
  5. J Club reserves the right to make or modify, interpret or implement policies and mechanisms for J Club membership.
  6. Any rules made by JHR are binding for members of J Club.
  7. All provisions and implementation of the J Club membership is subject to the laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia.
  8. Anyone who wishes to sign up/register for J Club has to be above the age of 17 (minors will not be allowed a membership).
  9. A Club Membership cannot be transferred or traded.
  10. A Club Card is the property of JHR and J Club, if they found please return to JHR or J Club Office.
  11. All the benefits and features of each J Club card are applicable in accordance with the card issuance requirements.
  12. In the event of a clause in the Terms and Conditions of J Club’s membership being contrary to the laws enforced, then it will not affect the effectiveness of other clauses that do not conflict with applicable laws.
  13. Upon approval of the candidate or J Club member, JHR is entitled to use and provide information and personal data of J Club members for the purposes of cooperation with JHR’s partners and operational purposes as well as JHR’s marketing, and with this JHR and Jayakarta Club are not accountable for all risks that will arise in connection with the use or provision of data for J Club membership.
  14. JHR and Jayakarta Club are not responsible for products or services provided or offered by partners of JHR as benefits or privileges of membership J Club.
  15. Marketing or other programs undertaken by JHR only apply to members of J Club specified in the program.
  16. JHR and Jayakarta Club are not responsible for any consequences arising from the misuse of J Club membership, including but not limited to misuse of J Club Card and the benefits and privileges of J Club membership.
  17. All decisions made by JHR related to J Club membership are absolute and inviolable.
  18. Any disputes arising between JHR and J Club members will be resolved through deliberation to reach a consensus. Final decision will be taken by J Club management.
  19. All rates on Jayakarta Club website are inclusive of breakfast.
  20. Redemptions can be made at ALL Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts (J Hotel is not included for redemptions).

  1.  The requirements to become a Member of the J Club are as follows:
    • Fill out registration forms with truthful, accurate and precise information (mainly Full Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number and Email Address)
    • Submit and present ID cards or other valid or relevant identification.
  2. Membership Type
  3. There is no expiration date on membership. Points accrued are valid for 1 year (12 months) from date of accrual.
  4. J Club membership will be terminated if:
    • The information or data provided at registration is incorrect.
    • A death of member occurs or no longer entitled to exercise their rights and obligations based on the provisions of laws or regulations applicable law.
    • A Club Card application which does not comply with the ownership and allotment of cards.
    • Perform or be involved acts that defame or slander JHR.
    • Resign or be dismissed from the J Club membership program.
  1. J Club applies throughout Hotel & Resorts managed by JHR, J Club Members will be required to show or submit the J Club Card to the Front Office/Cashier upon check-in and/or before making payment. By showing or handing over J Club card, J Club members can earn points based on the value of transaction(s).
  2. J Club card holders will receive a variety of facilities and benefits as stated in the J Club membership guidelines. J Club membership will adhere to the facilities and additional benefits or changes.
    • 20% off Food & Beverage - not valid with other promotions at restaurant
    • 10% off Spa & Massage - not valid with other promotions at spa
    • 15% off Laundry
  3. J Club members can earn rewards, benefits and other advantages held by JHR or partners in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.
  4. A J Club Card cannot be used as a debit card, credit card, warranty card, or other card, unless otherwise specified by JHR.
  5. Best Rate Guarantee (BRG) applies to all registered J Club members.
    • Rate is lower than published/rate on other OTAs
    • BRG policy allows for refund of the rate difference if guest(s) present proof of a cheaper booking rate within 24 hours of the initial booking from J Club website.
  1. Points earned derive from payments ("Transaction") amount, through J Club’s point calculation system.
  2. To be able to earn points, J Club card must be presented to the Cashier/Front Office before making a transaction. If not, the transaction will not be recorded and J Club Members do not earn points on transactions performed.
  3. Points cannot be transferred or sold.
  4. Points earned are not related to the means of payment used, unless otherwise stated by JHR.
  5. Points Calculation is made per transaction, where each transactions in multiples of Rp. 10,000,- will earn point.
  6. The transaction value will be rounded to multiples of 10,000 (ten thousand) nearest below it for the purpose of calculating points.
  7. Transactions conducted with or for Points Redemption, will not entitle to earn points again in the transaction.
  8. J Club members can log-in to the Jayakarta Club website (www.jayakartaclub.com) to access their point accrual and redemption history and profile.
  9. J Club points have no cash value, and JHR and J Club will not offer compensation of any type for any forfeited or unused J Club points.
  10. Expiration Points
    • If within twelve (12) months from the date of accrual, J Club members do not use the points at JHR or JHR facilities, then the points will be forfeited
  11. Redemption / Use of points
    • Redemption or use of Points must be carried out by the name stated on J Club Card. JHR’s management have the right to request for ID or other identification card that is valid and enforceable in accordance with the specified name on J Club Card before providing benefits or privileges of membership J Club.
    • For members who want to redeem points, J Club Card must be active and the number of points that will be used or exchanged must be sufficient to proceed with the transaction.
    • An administration fee will be charged per room per transaction for points redemption.
    • Points earned cannot be used on the same day. Points will be able for use in the next stay after the first transaction.
    • Points cannot be exchanged for cash and can only be used in accordance with the applicable provisions in JHR.
    • Points value and the redemption is in accordance with the conditions set by JHR’s management and J Club management, and can be changed in accordance with the provisions stipulated JHR and J Club. Any policy change or redemption provisions do not affect the number of points that have been recorded in the system J Club prior to the date of change in policy or regulation.
In the event of cancellation of transactions or cancellation of points redemption transaction, JHR and/or Jayakarta Club management can charge a penalty to each cancellation of the transaction.
For bookings at Jayakarta Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta, cancellation is allowed up to 3 (three) days before check-in date.
For bookings at Jayakarta Anyer, Cisarua, Bali, Lombok and Flores, cancellation is allowed up to 7 (seven) days before check-in date
  • For cancellation without prior information/notification, guest will be charged the full amount at all Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts properties.
  • If guest with booking confirmation do not show up within the first 24 hours of date of arrival and time of check-in, hotel(s) should be notified or it will be considered as a cancellation and penalties could be charged.
Failure to adhere to this policy will result in penalty charges to the booking that has been made.

  1. When member enrolls in the J Club program, member will be assigned a membership number automatically and asked to provide an email address and password that will allow member to access account information and redeem J Club awards on www.jayakartaclub.com. If member enrolls at a hotel, by phone or by mail, member will receive notification providing a temporary password to the email address provided at time of enrollment. Upon accessing www.jayakartaclub.com, with a temporary password, member will be required to change the pre-assigned password.
  2. Member is responsible for notifying Jayakarta Club Office of any address or name change. Name changes must be supported by legal documentation, for example, marriage certificate, driver's license or legal court document.
  3. Any errors or omissions on transactions posted to member's J Club account must be reported in writing/email to J Club Customer Service within 90 days of the applicable account summary in order for J Club to reconcile the account and make any required adjustments to member's account. Member must enclose a photocopy of the applicable complete hotel bill and payment receipt when reporting any error or omission in member's account.
  4. Jayakarta Club management has the right to correct any J Club points posted in error.
  5. A “J Club” member must provide their J Club membership number and verify personal information (example: date of birth, email address, etc) prior to receiving any account information. Individual account information will not be given to anyone other than the member whose name appears on the account unless required in connection with a law enforcement investigation or by legal process.
  1. A Club Card is published and owned by JHR and “J Club” so JHR and “J Club” have the right to publish and or cancel or block the J Club Card at any time without prior consent or notice to the J Club Member.
  2. Alteration, repair or termination of programs will not affect the points that have been given or rewarded to members.
  3. By signing and submitting the membership application form, J Club Member hereby declares, understands, accepts, and agrees to all of the content contained in these Terms and Conditions.
  4. These terms and conditions constitute an integral and inseparable part of the membership registration form J Club, on paper and online.
  5. In case of inquiries regarding the J Club program, please fill in the inquiry form on the website or contact the Jayakarta Club Membership Services at:

Website: www.jayakartaclub.com
Email: info@jayakartaclub.com
Phone: (+62) (21) 6230 7072
Jayakarta Club Office
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.126
Jakarta 11180
All of the above information is subject to change.